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Aloha,and welcome

There's something so happy about the sound of a ukulele that when people hear it - they smile. Today the ukulele is a common instrument found in almost any Hawaiian music and is known internationally as “the Hawaiian instrument.” Ukuleles come in four sizes, soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone.

We specialize in Lanikai Ukuleles, beautifully crafted and each a unique and exquisite instrument. Lanikai Beach in Hawaii means " Heavenly Ocean"...and Lanikai Ukuleles let you "Ride the Wave" to your own heavenly musical landscape.

As you look through the Ukulele catalog, you'll see we offers a variety of instruments with exceptional sound quality and beautiful craftmanship to satisfy players and enthusiasts of all levels.

We also pleased to provide Cases, Tuners, Strings....and more!

  • Hawaiian Surf Designed Cases for your ukulele as well as the Lanikai Cases to protect your instrument.
  • Lanikai T-shirts available as well as Island Instruments T-shirts.
  • Lanikai Chromatic Ukulele Tuners, to keep your instrument perfectly tuned
  • Aquila Ukulele Strings to further enhance your instrument.Ukulele straps are also available.
  • Ukulele Lessons - private or group classes at all levels of instruction
  • Special Event Music - Hawaiian Style and Island Music for weddings, parties, and large or small corporate and social events. We will work with you well before your event date to understand your preferences and plan just the right music for your celebration.


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